“Zimbabweans Are Disappointed In ANC” — Hopewell Breaks His Silence After Zim Election


Zimbabweans Express Disillusionment Over ANC’s Underwriting of Ongoing Decisions, says Writer Hopewell Chinono.

In a new explanation gave by noticeable Zimbabwean columnist and dissident, Hopewell Chinono, the Zimbabwean populace has communicated significant frustration in regards to the African Public Congress’ support of last month’s decisions in Zimbabwe. This move by the ANC has brought up issues and worries among Zimbabweans who were expecting additional significant help from their South African partners.

Chinono, a notable figure in Zimbabwean media and activism, featured the meaning of the ANC’s underwriting with regards to Zimbabwe’s continuous political difficulties. He communicated that numerous Zimbabweans had expected a more grounded position from the ANC in resolving the issues of straightforwardness, reasonableness, and a majority rules government in Zimbabwean races.


Zimbabwe has confronted steady charges of appointive abnormalities and denials of basic freedoms in past decisions. The new underwriting by the ANC, a noticeable ideological group inside the Southern African Improvement People group, has left numerous Zimbabweans feeling let down.

Chinono, who has been a frank pundit of the Zimbabwean government’s strategies, underlined the requirement for provincial accomplices like the ANC to play a more self-assured job in guaranteeing free and fair races in Zimbabwe. He focused on that the underwriting, without tending to these worries, could sabotage the majority rule goals of the Zimbabwean public.


The mistake communicated by Zimbabweans mirrors their longing for a more grounded responsibility from provincial powers to maintain vote based standards in the locale. Many trusted that the ANC would use its impact to advocate for appointive straightforwardness and basic freedoms in Zimbabwe, given its authentic job in supporting majority rule developments across Africa.

As Zimbabweans wrestle with the consequence of these races, the ANC’s support fills in as a sign of the intricacies and difficulties encompassing popularity based administration in the locale. It likewise highlights the developing requirement for provincial participation and strategy to resolve issues of political security and common freedoms.

All in all, Hopewell Chinono’s assertion reveals insight into the mistake felt by Zimbabweans with respect to the ANC’s underwriting of the new decisions, featuring the significance of local help for vote based values and straightforwardness in electing processes.


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