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Zach Bryan ‘Quittin Time Tour’ ticket price leaves fans disappointed, some blame Ticketmaster


Recent reports suggest that fans are disappointed with Zach Bryan ‘Quittin Time Tour’ ticket price. The much-anticipated tour for 2024 has been plagued by issues from the presale period.

Enthusiastic fans encountered hurdles while obtaining the important 4-digit registration numbers. Notably, these codes are imperative for confirming one’s position in the presale ticket acquisition process.


Zach Bryan ‘Quittin Time Tour’ ticket price leaves fans disappointed


And by looking at the reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10), it appears that folks are now encountering a bigger issue. They claim that ticket prices on Ticketmaster have skyrocketed, making it impossible for them to purchase them.

People argue that the cost of some seats is higher than $1000, which is undoubtedly quite absurd. Some even note that the event’s ticket price is much higher than their monthly rent.


Fans are also in a dismay as Zach Bryan’s tour tickets cost even more than Taylor Swift’s presale events. A few even claim to be outraged by the steep ticket prices and are questioning if the cost is worth the concert experience.


The scenario is especially aggravating for folks who live in less-frequently visited cities, such as Sacramento.

Understandably, the chances of seeing artists like Zach Bryan are rare. With only one California show, fans from all around the state are bidding for a limited number of tickets.

People are now left with the difficult task of budgeting for these costly concert tickets. Some are even thinking of deferring other expenses just to make it to the concert.

These Zach Bryan ticket prices are outrageous. 😭🫠😱 $2200 for two tickets‼️ #zachbryan

An individual argues that Zach didn’t opt for turning off platinum pricing even when he had the option to do so.

Another fans says that they cannot afford expensive concert tickets and they’ll probably wait for a music festival.

Viewers are also worried that they might not be able to get a ticket even after arranging the money, due to buggy Ticketmaster system. Resultantly, those impacted have taken to web forums to express their concerns.

1900 for Zach Bryan tickets? @Ticketmaster what’s going on??? the people are piiiisssseddd and so is @zachlanebryan.

Some fans blame Ticketmaster

Some folks (1,2,3,4) argue that singer should not to be blamed for the steep ticket prices. They believe that this is happening because of event promoters, like Ticketmasters.

People contend that Zach has time and again made efforts to make his shows more affordable, and prevent scammers from taking away their hard earned money.

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They have questioned that why would an artist who is performing in stadiums will try to limit the access to tickets. Undoubtedly, any artist would like to reach to more and more audience and increase their fan following.

Folks assert that most of the stadiums have deals with Ticketmaster. In addition, they believe that Zach doesn’t have any influence over how ticket prices are adjusted.

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