YouTube adds a ‘Clips tab’ in Studio on Desktop; Here’s how to access it


YouTube has rolled out a new feature for content creators, particularly streamers, by introducing a ‘Clips tab’ in Studio on Desktop. And this article will guide you on how to access YouTube Clips tab.

YouTube’s ‘Clips tab’ is a one of the useful additions for content creators who want to better understand their audience and their content’s performance.

It’s a game-changer as it allows creators to easily track and manage clips from their YouTube streams.


This tool not only helps in identifying what resonates with viewers but also provides valuable insights for content strategy.

Creators can use this information to create successful content in future streams, making it an invaluable asset for their channels.


How to access YouTube Clips tab


If you are unable to find YouTube Clips tab in Studio, then here’s a simple guide on how to access it:

  • Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  • Navigate to Your Content: From the left-hand menu, select ‘Content.’ This will display a list of your videos.
  • Select a Video: Click on the title or thumbnail of the video from which you want to view or manage clips.
  • Access the ‘Clips Tab’: In the left-hand menu (under your video details), you’ll find the ‘Clips’ option. Click on it to access the Clips tab for that specific video.
  • Once you’re in the Clips tab, you can view, play, share, hide, or report your clips as needed.
  • Using the aforementioned steps, you can easily access the YouTube Clips tab in you Studio on Desktop.

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