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Opoyi is unable to confirm whether the image is authentic, but it is rumored that the judge in the murder trial viewed it and that social media users referred to it as a “autopsy” image.

King Von, a rapper, also had his autopsy results and a photo of his body posted online after his passing.

According to the report, he was shot in the centre of his body and died as a result. Another individual who was shot and murdered was Mark Blakley.

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Xxxtentacion’s murder trial included a question and answer session with a fan Scott Barbieux. He claimed that when he and his ex-girlfriend were shopping at RIVA Motorsports in Deerfield Beach, Florida, he witnessed the rapper being robbed and slain.

Barbieux acknowledged that he snapped a photo of the rapper after the shooting and shared it on Snapchat. According to him, he did it because he really admired the rapper.


Barbieux’s phone was immediately taken away by investigators at the site, and he was unable to get the photograph he had shot.

Xxxtentacion Autopsy

During his evidence, the prosecutor questioned him on whether he could recall seeing Xxxtentacion snap a photo of himself on his phone after being shot. Barbieux claimed that he took the photo in order to keep the artist in his memory.

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The fan added that he had run into Xxxtentacion before the incident and requested a photo, but the rapper disregarded him and left in his car.

Barbieux could tell the rapper wasn’t feeling well by the way he left the room.

It’s so tragic that autopsy results and images have leaked onto social media, heightening the significance of these young artists’ passings.

It’s critical to keep in mind that these individuals had loved ones and friends who were still grieving their death. Their sorrow and suffering are only made worse by disclosing such private and sensitive materials.

Never forget to show compassion for the deceased and respect for their privacy.

We should all endeavor to prevent the leak of private data and images since it should never be acceptable or condoned.

May Xxxtentacion, King Von, and Mark Blakley all rest in peace, and may the memories of their loved ones bring comfort and healing to their families.

Xxxtentacion Autopsy Pictures Leaked




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