Women lost their lives so I can be naked at Fashion Week, says Julia Fox


For New York Fashion Week, Julia Fox first posed nearly naked in a Seks metal bikini hanging by threads of silver chains.

The next day, she wore wristwatches as a bra top with a matching mini skirt by Hodakova.

Then she busted out black leather pasties and a torso-baring corset with skin-tight leather leggings falling far below the belt by day and took the night in a white leather mini skirt and cleavage-baring corset.

Now Fox, the 33-year-old who catapulted to mainstream fame with “Uncut Gems,” and had a very public relationship with rapper Kanye West, is defending her right to bare all.

“Women lost their lives so that we can dress like that,” Fox exclusively told The Post Friday in Soho.


Julia Fox told The Post her silver metal bikini was her favorite look at New York Fashion Week, despite criticism.
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Julia Fox in trench coat and metal bikini.
“People want women to behave and be covered up like you’re in ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ or something,” Fox told The Post.
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Julia Fox with  Emily Ratajkowski and Tommy Dorfman at a fashion week event.
Fox did cover up her favorite outfit when she posed inside the PrettyLittleThing runway show with Emily Ratajkowski and Tommy Dorfman
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“The amount of negative feedback was really crazy. People want women to behave and be covered up like you’re in ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ or something.”

Her favorite look of Fashion Week? The most revealing number.


“The two piece bikini – I think that was my favorite with the trench over it,” Fox told the Post, of the sliver of silver metal covering her private parts during the PrettyLittleThing runway show.

Julia Fox in a white corset top and miniskity
Fox wore a cropped corset Friday in Soho at the premiere of her fashion film, “Le Robo Una Rosa” with Spanish designer Luis De Javier at THC NYC The House Of Cannabis in Soho.
Stephen Yang

Stephen Yang

Model Richie Shazam (left), Julia Fox, Fox's stylist Briana Andalore walking in New York City in cut-out outfits.
Model Richie Shazam (left), Julia Fox, Fox’s stylist Briana Andalore and Raya Martigny.
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Slipping into the tiny number, she said, had its challenges.

“We had some moments where the chain popped off but it was easy to fix,” she said.

“That was our first look, it was the start of fashion week. I wanted to go ‘boom’ after being asleep all summer. Just come back – I’m back, ‘I’m here.’ I didn’t expect for it to really go so nuts,” Fox said, at the premiere of her fashion film, “Le Robo Una Rosa” with Spanish designer Luis De Javier.

Fox nearly stopped time on the Pandora red carpet when she sported a skirt made of watches. The time pieces also adorned her bra and the straps of her sandals.
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Fox wearing leather leggings holding a Big Gulp drink.
On the set of a Victoria’s Secret shoot on Sept. 6, Fox wore black latex leggings and a gravity defying heelless platform with angel wings.
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Julia Fox hits carpet at Victoria Secret fashion show wearing a sheer dress, angel wings and black wig.
Fox in a sheer dress with a black wig and angel wings, a more modest look from the model on the Victoria’s Secret carpet.
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Fox says tuning out the haters and tuning into her own taste is what gives her confidence on the red carpet or the runway.

“A lot of times when people get dressed they’re thinking, ‘will other people like it?’ And I’m always just thinking, ‘do I like it?’ I have to think it’s cool and then I don’t really give a s–t what other people think,’” she said.

Her most modest look, perhaps, was at the Victoria’s Secret red carpet on Thursday, wearing a semi-sheer silver gown and black angel wings. And Sunday, she stepped out in a belly-baring, sheer Jean Paul Gaultier knit look.

Fox wearing a sheer striped knit look on the street designed by Jean Paul Gaultier.
Fox took the streets of Manhattan in a sheer Jean Paul Gaultier monochrome knit look on Sept. 10.
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Julia Fox wearing a belly-baring corset and black leather pasties.
Fox attended an art school fundraiser wearing a torso-bearing corset and black leather pasties as she headed to an art school fundraiser on Friday.
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Fox, born in Italy and raised in New York City, has had quite the style evolution since catapulting to mainstream fame in the 2019 Safdie brothers’ Diamond District thriller “Uncut Gems.”

Back then, she exuded Hollywood glam wearing a Paco Rabanne crystal skirt over a turtleneck bodysuit to the premiere of the Adam Sandler movie.

She became West’s muse during their short-lived relationship in 2022. Her memoir, “Down the Drain,” out Oct. 10 will dig into the relationship.

Julia Fox and Kanye West in matching denim outfits.
Fox dated Kanye West briefly in 2022. Her style evolved, with thigh-high Balenciaga boots, red Rick Owens gowns, denim cone bras by Schiaparelli, black leather leggings and her signature “Fox eye” black winged eye makeup.
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Julia Fox in a swimsuit walking on the beach
Fox has also modeled her nearly-not-there swimwear at the beach in the city.
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Her fashion evolved to dominatrix-inspired looks thigh-high Balenciaga boots, red Rick Owens gowns, denim cone bras by Schiaparelli, black leather leggings and her signature “Fox eye” black winged eye makeup.

But shock factor has been in her recent style guide — in May, she wore a sheer condom tube top. And she walked the Alexander Wang runway in a black blazer over a sheer, crystal-covered dress sans bra to in the designer’s pre-Fashion Week show.

Chris Parnell, head of design at Pretty Little Thing, told the Post Fox “isn’t afraid to take risks” and says the message behind her fashion statement is “freedom and self-expression.” 

two men in boxers with Fox in the middle wearing a white lace baby doll dress and stockings on the runway in Milan.
Fox walked the Dsquared2 runway at the Milan Fashion Week in June, taking her style back to her native Italy.

Fox wearing a sheer dress under a black jacket.
Fox walked the Alexander Wang runway in February wearing a black blazer over a sheer, crystal-covered dress sans bra to model in the designer’s pre-Fashion week show.

 “If she wants to do something she does it confidently. It’s empowering,” Parnell said.

Avon Dorsey, a celebrity fashion stylist and creative director, says Fox’s style has evolved from glam to avant-garde edgy, describing her current image as “darker and sleek post-punk.” 

“She’s gone from ‘glam girl’ to ‘goth girl.’ Ditching her previous box-office bombshell looks for a more darker and sleek post-punk image,” Dorsey told The Post.

He said the current look was “racy second-skin ensembles, sky high platform heels, dramatic make-up and goth-centric accessories.”

Julia Fox holding a dummy in what appears to be a body bag on the streets of New York.
In another shock factor fashion moment, Fox took street style to a dark new level when she wore a black cropped jacket, miniskirt and holding what appeared to be a dummy in a body bag.
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Julia Fox wearing a bullhorn denim dress at Fashion Week.
Fox modeled a bullhorn inspired denim dress in Luis De Javier’s New York Fashion Week debut show in February.
Ron Adar / M10s / MEGA

Gone are the days when the nip slip was taboo, as stars embraced the naked fashion trend into Fashion Week.

Naomi Campbell took the PrettyLittleThing runway last Tuesday in a sheer black crystalline embellished halter neck maxi dress.

“Showing skin is somewhat controversial but it’s something we have seen for centuries,” Parnell told The Post.

Fox's stylist Briana Andalore wearing a black cut out dress, De Javier in black cut out pants and Fox in a white leather mini skirt.
Fox’s stylist and longtime friend Andalore, De Javier and Fox. De Javier told The Post Andalore and Fox inspired him to make his New York Fashion Week debut in February.
Stephen Yang for N.Y. Post

Avirl Lavigne (middle) between De Javier and Fox wearing all black.
Punk rock star Avril Lavigne supported Fox and De Javier Friday night at the premier of their fashion film, “Le Robo Una Rosa” at THC NYC.
Stephen Yang for N.Y. Post

“So many new brands are building their identity and ethos around classical and historical fashion as we saw with Vivienne Westwood. I also think it’s having the right to your own body and expressing it from a political aspect. It’s about freedom and self-expression.”

Fox, who has previously said “my body is not a crime,” says the message behind her naked fashion is more about her than everyone else. 

“It’s not like I’m doing it to attract men – that’s not what it’s about at all,” she told The Post.

 “I just want a good photo in my look to be honest.” 


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