When is Disenchantment Season 6 Coming Out? Will there be a Season 6 of Disenchantment? 

When is Disenchantment Season 6 Coming Out?

Netflix has unequivocally confirmed that Disenchantment Season 5 is indeed the final installment of the series. The streaming giant left no room for ambiguity, even using explicit titles to emphasize this fact. The trailer on YouTube was aptly labeled “Disenchantment: The Final Season,” setting the tone for closure. To drive the point home, the concluding episode of Part 5 was fittingly titled “Goodbye Bean.” These not-so-subtle hints indicate a definitive end to the show’s run.

What’s more, the series’ serialized narrative neatly ties up its loose ends in the final episode, offering viewers a satisfying conclusion. There are no lingering cliffhangers or unresolved plot threads, solidifying the idea that Disenchantment Season 6 is not on the horizon.

However, fans need not despair entirely. Titan Comics has stepped in to provide a glimmer of hope with the announcement of a Disenchantment comic book titled “Disenchantment: Untold Tales Vol. 1.” Penned by the series creator, Matt Groening, this 224-page comic book promises to unveil new stories set in the world of Disenchantment.

It offers readers the chance to explore adventures that didn’t make it to the screen. The book is slated for release on September 19 and can be pre-ordered from major book distributors.

While the official word is that Disenchantment Season 6 won’t happen, the possibility of spin-offs remains a tantalizing prospect. Though Netflix hasn’t unveiled any plans for such ventures, fans can still hold onto hope for the future. For now, all three generously-sized seasons of Disenchantment are available for streaming on Netflix, and the upcoming comic book will provide fresh tales from the enchanting realm.

Will there be a Season 6 of Disenchantment? 

No, there will not be a Season 6 of Disenchantment. Netflix has made it abundantly clear that the fifth season serves as the final chapter of the series. The streaming platform’s choice of titles leaves no room for doubt, with the season 5 trailer named “Disenchantment: The Final Season” and the concluding episode titled “Goodbye Bean.” These titles unequivocally signal the series’ conclusion.


Furthermore, the narrative of Disenchantment was thoughtfully structured to wrap up its storylines in a satisfying manner by the end of Part 5. There are no loose ends or unresolved mysteries, reinforcing the notion that Disenchantment Season 6 is not in the cards.

While fans may have hoped for more adventures in the whimsical world of Dreamland, the official stance from Netflix is that the story has reached its intended conclusion with the fifth season. However, there is a silver lining for enthusiasts of the show in the form of a Disenchantment comic book titled “Disenchantment: Untold Tales Vol. 1,” which is set to be released in September.


This comic book, authored by series creator Matt Groening, will offer fresh stories from the Disenchantment universe, providing fans with new adventures to enjoy.

Although Disenchantment Season 6 is not on the horizon, the possibility of spin-offs or other related projects in the future remains uncertain. For now, viewers can revisit the existing seasons on Netflix and look forward to exploring additional tales through the upcoming comic book release.


Disenchantment (TV Series) 

“Disenchantment” is an American animated fantasy sitcom crafted by the renowned Matt Groening, known for iconic series like “The Simpsons” and “Futurama.” This particular venture marks Groening’s inaugural foray into exclusive streaming content, as it found its home on Netflix. Departing from his previous works for Fox, “Disenchantment” whisks viewers away to the medieval fantasy realm of Dreamland.

At the heart of the series lies the tumultuous journey of Bean, a rebellious and frequently inebriated princess who’s far from the conventional royal archetype. Her companions on this fantastical escapade include Elfo, an elf whose innocence often leads to comedic misadventures, and Luci, her not-so-typical “personal demon” with a penchant for chaos.

“Disenchantment” boasts an ensemble voice cast featuring Abbi Jacobson, Eric André, Nat Faxon, John DiMaggio, Tress MacNeille, Matt Berry, David Herman, Maurice LaMarche, Lucy Montgomery, and Billy West.

The series has been delivered to audiences in five batches, each comprising 10 episodes. The journey commenced in August 2018 with the debut of the first part, followed by the second in September 2019, the third in January 2021, and the fourth in February 2022. The fifth and ultimate part, which premiered on September 1, 2023, concludes the story.

“Disenchantment” has garnered generally positive reviews, finding acclaim for its unique blend of medieval fantasy and Groening’s signature humor. With its memorable characters and imaginative world-building, the series has carved out its own niche in the realm of animated storytelling on streaming platforms like Netflix.

Disenchantment Plot 

Taking place within the fictional and medieval European realm known as Dreamland, “Disenchantment” unfurls an enchanting narrative that revolves around a trio of unlikely companions. At its core is the spirited and audacious princess, Bean, who stands out from traditional royal archetypes with her penchant for adventure and a fondness for the bottle.

Alongside her is Luci, a unique entity designated as her “personal demon,” bringing a touch of chaos and mischievousness to her life. Completing this trio is Elfo, an elf whose naiveté often leads to amusing escapades.

Set against the backdrop of Dreamland and its neighboring territories, the series embarks on a grand journey spanning four distinct parts. Within these episodes, our intrepid trio traverses the captivating landscapes of Dreamland and beyond, unraveling a web of mythical conspiracies that lay shrouded in secrecy.

“Disenchantment” masterfully combines elements of medieval fantasy with a modern and irreverent humor style, creating a distinctive narrative that captivates viewers. The series explores themes of rebellion, self-discovery, and friendship as it weaves a tapestry of adventures and escapades against the backdrop of a richly imagined and whimsical world.

As the story unfolds, Bean, Luci, and Elfo’s escapades lead them deeper into the intricacies of Dreamland and its surrounding realms, gradually peeling back the layers of a captivating and enigmatic conspiracy that promises both danger and intrigue. With each part, the series offers viewers a fresh perspective on the fantastical universe of “Disenchantment” while maintaining its unique blend of humor and fantasy.

Disenchantment Cast



Abbi Jacobson

Princess Bean

Eric André


Nat Faxon


John DiMaggio

King Zøg

Tress MacNeille

Queen Oona

Matt Berry

Prince Merkimer

Maurice LaMarche


Sharon Horgan

Queen Dagmar

Disenchantment Trailer


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