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Watch Full Coco Bliss And Grace ‘GO AT IT’ In Wild Fight At New York Hotel


TikTok celebrity Coco Bliss and Grace have gone viral across social media platforms after getting into a physical fight. The two were residing in the same hotel in New York and bumped into each other, subsequently leading to a physical altercation. Netizens have since taken to the internet to share their hilarious responses to the fight.


Two American TikTok stars, Coco Bliss and Grace, are the talk of the internet after getting into a physical fight in New York.

Viral videos show the two scrapping in a hotel hallway this week after they got in and out of an elevator at the same time.

For those unversed, Coco Bliss is a 22-year-old TikToker who is best known for her lip-syncing videos on the video-sharing platform. She has amassed over 3.3 million followers on the app and has a dedicated following. The Miami, Florida native is the owner of the Bleu Bae Models agency.


Similar to Coco Bliss, Grace has acquired a massive following as well. The 28-year-old shares similar content online and has amassed over 326K followers on Instagram. She often shares pictures of her fashionable outfits and modelling talent on social media.

As fans are aware, the duo have been battling online for quite some time and it seems like their distaste for each other reached the point of physically abusing each other.


In the video which has gone viral, Coco Bliss can be seen sans wig and fighting Grace who is on the floor. At one point, Coco can be heard saying- “Do you want to keep going b**ch.” Grace can be heard telling the hotel staff that she was attacked by Coco as well.

Sources claim that the fight broke out when Grace was getting off an elevator which was being entered by Coco Bliss. Coco explained that she got into a physical fight with Grace after the latter attempted to make fun of her. She added:

“After our altercation she not only went to security to snitch. She said she was gonna take legal action and I supposedly attacked her.”

Netizens react to the viral Coco Bliss and Grace fight video:

It seems like not many people were concerned about the physical altercation. Many took to the internet and expressed how amusing they found their fight. A few reactions read:

Coco responds on TikTok:

Coco has responded in a lengthy TikTok statement, writing: “I only tried to go a second round because she was saying she wanted to go at it again while she was on live.”

“After our altercation she not only went to security to snitch. She said she was gonna take legal action and I supposedly attacked her,” she continued.

The TikTok star explained that the fight broke out because Grace got off the elevator at the same time that she was getting on.

“She tried to pull out her phone to make a joke out of me. So I knocked her phone out her hand and we started to go at it.”

Coco said she’s currently trying to get the whole footage from the hotel’s surveillance and said: “She lost fair and square.”

“I may have been bleeding from my wig coming off but other than that I’m good and look the same. You guys will see the video soon.”


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