TikTok’s Sad Boy and Baby Bird cats have died leaving fans heartbroken


Two of TikTok’s famous cats Sad Boy and Baby Bird have sadly died leaving their fans distraught.

The news of both the cats‘ deaths surfaced on Friday, September 8. Their respective owners took to their social media announcing that both Sad Boy and Baby Bird had died. The news of Sad Boy’s passing was announced by Poets Square Cats. On the other hand, TikTok‘s famous kitty Baby Bird’s caretaker Megan Mannarelli who is behind the Rafiki’s Rescue social media pages announced the little kitty’s death. Both the cats suffered from health issues that in the end claimed their lives.

Sad Boy passed away after a mystery illness

Nearly every TikTok user must have come across Sad Boy’s videos on the platform. The cat became famous for always having a seemingly sad look on his face. Sad Boy was best known for his videos with Poets Square Cats’ other pet Lola who was always very protective of Sad Boy when the cat’s rescuer tried filming him for TikTok videos.

However, in a heartbreaking update, Sad Boy’s rescuers at Poets Square Cats revealed that the TikTok famous cat had passed away. In an Instagram post, they revealed that Sad Boy was “humanely euthanized.”


In another post, the rescuer revealed that the pet had been losing weight rapidly and had stopped eating in the last few days. The post announcing his death also said that the doctors had found an “inoperable mass in his abdomen, messing up his stomach and affecting his kidneys.”

TikTok’s famous Baby Bird cat also died

Baby Bird’s rescuers at Rafiki’s Rescue also posted an Instagram post along with TikToks announcing the adorable internet kitty’s passing. Their announcement came on the same day as the one saying Sad Boy had died. Sadly Baby Bird was only five months old.


Her owner Megan from Rafiki’s Rescue posted a video on social media honoring the feline’s passing while singing a song and playing her old and memorable clips with the cat. “I sat all yesterday, unable to speak a word. I could not bring myself to do anything but sit there. So when words fail, the only thing I can resort to is music. And this was the only way I felt I could honor her and announce her passing,” Megan wrote.

In a prior post, Megan revealed that Baby Bird had been diagnosed with feline Sarcoidosis. It refers to a condition among felines when there’s an abnormal growth of tissues. Just last weekend, the kitty had to be taken to the hospital due to “sudden lethargy” as well as “neurological impairment.”

Fans mourn the TikTok famous cats

“Losing sad boy and baby bird both is destroying me oh god what about Lola,” one fan said under Poets Square Cats’ TikTok.

“Omg first Baby Bird and now Sad Boy. My heart can’t take this!! RIP Sad Boy. You will be forever missed” a second fan mourned.

The news quickly spread on Twitter too.

“Today we lost 2 TikTok cats I had intense parasocial love for, Sad Boy of PoetSquareCats, an ancient street cat, And Baby Bird of ‘meganandtherescues,’ a very ill foster kitten who kept fighting till she couldn’t anymore Ngl this is really sad news,” one person wrote on the platform.

“I’m a mess over this. I found out about Baby Bird through the comments of Sad Boys. Crying at 6:30 on a Saturday morning,” a second person said.

Many TikTok users also posted videos of them crying at the news of the cats’ death.

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