The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon – how Daryl got to France and episode 1 ending explained


How did Daryl get to France in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon? HITC explains the ending of the latest spin-off of the popular horror franchise that began in 2010.

Starring center-stage in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon we have Norman Reedus, who reprises the iconic role that fans grew to cherish when watching the original The Walking Dead. The first episode of the franchise’s fifth spin-off premiered on AMC and AMC+ on Sunday, September 10th 2023, serving as a continuation of the finale of the main series. There’s a rather jarring location change to process straight away in the new episodes, as well as new cast members, but how did Daryl get to France?

Daryl Dixon is held hostage on his knees
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How did Daryl get to France?

Titled L’ame Perdue, the debut installment opens with Daryl washing up on the coast of France near Marseilles, beginning his quest to return to the United States.

He ended up so far away from home after being abducted and transported across the Atlantic Ocean by members of the Cause in America, forced onto a ship exporting their victims. While trapped on the vessel, it’s discovered that some of the captured are being turned into walkers as part of experimentation to develop stronger test subjects.

We see a French scientist killed in her laboratory before she morphs into a walker, one faster and deadlier than audiences are used to seeing. In the first episode, we see Daryl encounter one of these enhanced threats, referred to as burners.


Daryl managed to escape the clutches of the Cause by spearheading a mutiny that resulted in the ship’s demise and the destruction of a wealth of research.

Genet, leader of the Cause, demands that Daryl be returned to them imprisoned after escaping the wreckage. Daryl used a lifeboat in the Gulf of Càdiz to plot his exit and this ultimately took him to Marseille.


The Walking Dead fans react

Some nostalgic The Walking Dead fans have reflected on the original series when contemplating this latest location development while others have also weighed in their thoughts.

Check out a selection of tweets:

‘That is definitely Daryl’s handiwork’

When the captain of the ship confirms that the man responsible for the chaos that transpired on board is called “Dixon”, all signs point to Daryl.

“In regards to the destruction on the boat, that is definitely Daryl’s handiwork,” executive producer Greg Nicotero reinforced to Entertainment Weekly.

“And we will discover more at some point because that gives us clues as to how he gets to France. Because all he says in the first episode is it’s a ‘series of bad decisions.’”

He also said “The funniest thing for me is every time I tell somebody what I’m working on the first thing they ask is ‘How does he get to France?’ It’s kinda wild.”

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon is now streaming on AMC+.

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