Starfield Guilty Parties Walkthrough

Starfield Guilty Parties Mission

In the course of the Guilty Party’s mission, Benjamin Bayu offers you safe passage through Syndicate territory, but there’s a catch – you must complete a task for him: stealing Kumiho’s Slate. This task is quite challenging as it requires you to move stealthily within the Syndicate’s base, avoiding detection, and then snatch the Slate. 

  • First, talk to Imogene on the Operations Floor.
  • Next, have a conversation with Yuko.
  • Now, locate Imogene in the Seokguh Syndicate Hideout.
  • Find Imogene within the hideout.
  • Confront Imogene regarding the situation.
  • Finally, return to Dalton, who can be found at Ryujin Tower on the Executive Offices Floor.

Starfield Guilty Parties Walkthrough

Talk to Imogene

After finishing the previous mission, go back to the Operations Floor. When you reach Imogene’s office, you’ll notice that she’s not there. It looks like she might be the mole.

Outside the office, you’ll meet someone named Yuko for the first time. Ask her about Imogene’s whereabouts, but you can’t tell her why you’re looking for Imogene. Instead, have Yuko ask Dalton. She’ll inform you that Imogene was last seen at Frankie’s Grab & Go, which is a shop that’s actually a cover for the Syndicate.

Starfield Guilty Parties Walkthrough

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Talk to Dalton (Optional)

Before leaving the tower, make your way to the Executive Floor and have a chat with Dalton. He’ll inform you that you should go and speak with Benjamin Bayu, who’s located at the Trade Tower.


Starfield Guilty Parties Walkthrough

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Talk to Benjamin Bayu (Optional) 

You can choose to talk to Benjamin Bayu if you like. To do so, leave the tower and go to the Astral Lounge, which is on the opposite side of Neon. Once there, take the elevator up to the VIP Balcony and find Bayu in a booth. Let him know that Bayu sent you and that you’re looking for a suspect. He’ll check to make sure you’re allowed in but will ask for a favor.

You can agree to his request, or if you’re good at persuading, you can talk your way out of it. If you choose to go along with his offer, he’ll provide you with information about the place and let you explore, with the exception of their private quarters.

Starfield Guilty Parties Walkthrough

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Head to Frankie’s Grab & Go (Optional) 

If you choose to, head to Frankie’s Grab & Go. To get there, leave the Astral Lounge and go straight while keeping an eye on your left. You’ll spot the entrance to the Ebbside.

Once you’re there, look left, and you’ll find Frankie’s. Inside, you’ll see Moore behind the counter. Talk to her and let her know you’re representing Ryujin. She’ll allow you to enter and advises you not to go to the third floor.

To enter the place, go through the door, and there’s a secret door in the center of a large fridge inside.

Find Imogene

When you enter this place, head up the stairs in front of you to the second floor. Follow the catwalk to a dining area. From there, continue along the path to the opposite corner of the room, where you’ll find some plants enclosed in glass.

Next, go down the hallway and enter the first door on your left. Inside, check the table in the corner. You’ll find a skillbook called “Combatech Catalog 01,” which boosts the range and accuracy of CombaTech weapons.

Now, simply follow the hallway to its end. You’ll find another door. Inside that room, you’ll come across Imogene. Feel free to search the area for items if you like.

Starfield Guilty Parties Walkthrough

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Confront Imogene

Now it’s time to have a conversation with Imogene. As you talk to her, she explains that Ularu framed her and that she’s been working as a double agent. You can choose to ask her for more information to understand the situation, or you can decide to attack her.

She’s actually innocent, so it might be a good idea to spare her. If you do, she’ll give you a slate containing all the evidence she needs to prove her innocence.

Return to Dalton at Ryujin Tower

After leaving the Syndicate, return to Ryujin Tower. Go to the Executive Floor and speak with Dalton. When you reach the Executive Floor, you’ll find Yuko waiting for you. You can choose to share what you’ve learned with her or keep it to yourself. It’s your choice.

Finally, talk to Dalton and inform him about what you’ve discovered to complete this mission. This will also lead you to the next mission.

Starfield Guilty Parties Walkthrough

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Starfield Guilty Parties Choice

Siding with Ularu:

Ularu is the traitor in the Ryujin Industries faction, and she wants to take Masako’s CEO position for herself. If you side with her, the blame will fall on Imogene, even though she’s innocent. This choice will affect all the dialogue options when you return to Dalton and reveal the traitor. You can still change this decision in the last quest of this questline, “Executive Level.”

Siding with Masako:

Choosing to side with Masako will allow you to present the evidence from Imogene later and prove her innocence. It also gives you the option to confront and attack Ularu in her office.

Starfield Guilty Parties Rewards

  • You’ll receive 4800 Credits.
  • You’ll earn 250 XP (experience points).
  • You’ll get 2 Med Packs as well.

Starfield Video Game

Starfield is a new video game made by Bethesda Game Studios. It was first talked about in 2018. The game happens in space and is the first new idea from Bethesda in a very long time. It came out on September 6, 2023, for Windows computers and Xbox Series X/S. Critics who review games mostly liked Starfield. They liked the big world you can explore, the space setting, and the music.

Prior to the official launch of the game on September 6, PureDark, a modder, released a free mod to incorporate DLSS 2 into Starfield. PureDark also introduced another mod, DLSS 3 with frame generation, but this one wasn’t free, and it came with DRM protection, which caused some controversy in the gaming community. Shortly after its release, the DRM for the DLSS 3 mod was successfully bypassed.

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