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shirley strawberry letter and leaked phone calls went viral online


Shirley alleged in an Instagram video from earlier this summer (which has since been deleted) that her husband Ernesto Williams had been defrauding her for years. Shirley stated in the emotional video that Ernesto had lied to her about who he was and what his intentions were. Ernesto, she claimed, had been using her name and credit to purchase cars, residences, and other luxury stuff without her knowledge or consent.

Shirley also claimed Ernesto had cheated on her, including with women he had impregnated. Shirley said that she found out about all of this after hiring a private investigator to look into Ernesto, and that she was stunned and deceived by what the investigator learned. She also stated that she was attempting to recover and move on from what she had uncovered, and that she was glad for the support of coworkers as she worked through this betrayal.

Around the same time that Shirley made these revelations, it was also reported that Ernesto had been arrested for weapon possession and would now be serving a 23-month prison sentence.

Calls supposedly between Ernesto and Shirley, as well as Ernesto and the woman with whom he was having an affair, have been allegedly leaked, sparking an entirely new round of upheaval.Shirley expresses her concern of Steve Harvey’s wife, Marjorie, in one call, hinting that she regards the individuals Steve works with on his radio show as “the help.”

“Marjorie has her own spa and workout room.” And she could go in there every day and have massages. People come to her residence and work out with her. “On one call, I was like, ‘Oh God, what a dream,’” Shirley recounts.


“He [Steve] was delighted to see us. He always invites us there, but we never go. Because I’m not sure if she’s there… you know. “She’s, um… no… she looks at you as if you’re ‘the help,’ you know… it is what it is,” Shirley added.

The disarray of these phone calls suggests that Shirley isn’t finished with Ernesto yet.Whatever their current status is, it appears certain that fans will learn much more about where things stand when she explains it all. “Steve Harvey’s Morning Show.”



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