Sharina Hudson House, Baby, Affairs with Kevin Hunter


Sharina Hudson House

Kevin Hunter, who happends to be the ex-husband of Wendy Williams, reportedly purchased a house worth $765,000 for his alleged side-chic, Sharina Hudson in Morristown, New Jersey.


Sharina Hudson House
Sharina Hudson House

Sharon Hudson Baby

Sharon Hudson and Kevin Hunter together have a daughter who was born in 2019. It is unclear what the name of the child is but close family sources suggest that the baby girl is called Journey.

Sharon Hudson Family

Sharon Hudson likes to keep her life from the public eye hence not much is known about her nuclear and extended family. Her only available records indicate her daughter, Journey, and her lover, Kevin Hunter as her family.

Sharon Hudson And Kevin Hunter

Kevin Hunter is the lover of Sharon Hudson. The two lovers were engaged in a secret affair for more than 10 years. Kevin Hunter was earlier married to Wendy Williams. After suspicion of cheating in the marriage by Kevin Hunter, Wendy Williams filed for divorce which she eventually got in 2019. It appears the divorce from Wendy Williams paved the way for Kevin Hunter to eventually go out public with his affair with Sharon Hudson.



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