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Rumors about Joe Rogan’s involvement in ‘GTA 6’ debunked, psyched fans demand Andrew Tate’s inclusion


AUSTIN, TEXAS: There have been several rumors online that Joe Rogan will appear in ‘GTA 6’.

According to the website 9to5software, a Rockstar representative revealed the truth about this and denied that the podcast host was involved in the video game.


Rogan was mentioned in the first leak regarding the upcoming ‘Grand Theft Auto’ game from unverified sources.

Audioviser mentioned ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ in a post in September, claiming that he will appear in a future ‘Grand Theft Auto’ game.


Rockstar Games denies Joe Rogan’s inclusion in ‘GTA 6’

Rockstar Games has denied rumors about Rogan’s inclusion in ‘GTA 6’, stating that there was no plan or intention to include him in the game.



The studio stated, “We can confirm that the rumors regarding Joe Rogan’s presence in GTA 6 are false. There is no plan or intention to include Joe Rogan in the game.”

Notably, only 9to5software has reported a possible denial of this rumor. No specific name of the Rockstar Games spokesman was given.


If this rumor is accurate, the upcoming ‘Grand Theft Auto’ game will not have any Rogan or ‘JRE’-related content.


It should be noted that there is no evidence to prove his involvement in this future release. ‘JRE’ fans should note that in 2020, Spotify became the only place to listen to Rogan’s podcast.

This implies that it will not be included in ‘GTA 6’, particularly if the exclusivity agreement is extended past 2023.

According to reports, the podcast host has signed $200M deal with Spotify. The inclusion of his episodes in video games like ‘GTA 6’ has not been announced by Spotify either.

‘GTA 6 will feature episodes of JRE’

Audioviser said in its article, “A trusted source close to Rockstar Games has revealed that the much-anticipated ‘GTA 6’ will feature episodes of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ (JRE) as part of the in-game radio lineup.”


According to a website, Rockstar Games could play entire episodes or only a portion of them on radio stations to fit ‘Grand Theft Auto 6’s story.

The rumor was subsequently disseminated across numerous additional websites.


After the rumor went viral on social media, Internet users started reacting to the news. A fan demanded Andrew Tate be included in the game. He wrote on Instagram, “We want andrew tate tbh.”

The idea did not sit well with other users. One reacted to the statement saying, “Dude seriously you should find better idols. Human alpha males don’t exist.”


Another replied, “Hahah he’s such a t**t, I can’t believe people give him money.”


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