Pokemon GO bugs, issues & new features tracker for 2023 (cont. updated)


Following are some instructions that’ll help you go through this tracker easily:

  • This tracker has separate sections for keeping a tab on the Bugs, issues, and problems reported in Pokemon GO on different platforms (Android, iOS and iPadOS), as well as the new features coming to the game along with their availability status.
  • Separate tabulated sections have been designed for Bugs/Issues/Problems and New Feature releases. You can use the Tracker Guide to head directly to the section of your interest.
  • The Bugs/Issues/Problems table not only highlights the status of the problem but also lists the potential workarounds that can be helpful in resolving the issue. Do care to try.
    • That’s all for the instructions.

    Note: Our team is trying hard to keep this tracker updated with all the latest info. However, if and when you feel something is missing, wrong, or should be added, do not hesitate to tip us in comments or through email.



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