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NBA 2K24 ‘inconsistent shooting system’ reported by several frustrated players


NBA 2K24 players have reported that the game’s shooting mechanic feels rigged. Allegedly making it very challenging to score and secure wins.

On the official NBA 2K subreddit, players shared their thoughts and theories. They suggested that this difficulty might be intentional.

NBA 2K24 shooting rigged

My character has an 84 3pt rating yet it feels random when it wants to green everything is slightly late or early. I don’t get why they shrink the green window to make it harder and then don’t make slightlys go in. It’s so bad especially with trash latency (Source)

I was shooting 45-50% last year on a 89 3pt. But this year the shooting just feels really really for some reason. Ive tried many variations of the JT Thor Base (6 foot 6, 86 3 pt), but nothing feels like its working. Does anyone else feel like that? (Source)

NBA 2K24, the latest installment in the annual NBA gaming franchise, is facing criticism from both long-time fans and critics. Due to its buggy state and aggressive in-game monetization, players are left with a sour taste.


Currently, players are voicing their frustration with the unbalanced shooting mechanics. Which is making it incredibly difficult for them to execute basic moves and score.

Reports suggest (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) that the shooting system has been deliberately adjusted. Making the green indicator highly unpredictable and handicapping player performance.


To have a decent chance at shooting, players must invest a considerable amount of time grinding in the game to improve their attributes.

Is shooting actually rigged in NBA 2K24?

Many players have reported that the shooting system, among other aspects of the game, appears intentionally unpredictable.

This uncertainty may encourage players to spend real money to acquire attribute points faster. In order to enhance their shooting and overall skills.

However, some players also pointed out that the previous game in the series, NBA 2K23, had its own inconsistent shooting mechanic, with some even describing it as “impossible.”

I had real bad time shooting in 2k23 and I know most of you did too. Did they fix the shooting in 2k24 so that it’s mire like on the older games like 2k19/20? (Source)

As of now, it remains uncertain whether the shooting is genuinely rigged, as most reports are based on player speculations and theories.

No official statements have been issued concerning these concerns. Nevertheless, we will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates if any further developments arise.

Feature image source: 2K

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