Madeagerton homecoming and release date: real or fake?


Madeagerton is fake, not real. Don’t believe everything you see on social media.

We searched Netflix and Tyler Perry’s social media pages and we couldn’t find any details about the movie or the release date.

“A Madea Homecoming” is a comedy film written and directed by Tyler Perry. This film is part of the popular Madea film series, which features the character Mabel “Madea” Simmons, played by Tyler Perry himself. Madea is a larger-than-life, no-nonsense character known for her witty one-liners and outrageous behavior.


“A Madea Homecoming” is notable because it was released directly on Netflix in 2022. In the film, Madea is called upon to offer her unique brand of wisdom and humor to a family in need. As with other Madea films, the story likely involves a mix of family drama, humor, and life lessons, all delivered in Madea’s inimitable style.

Tyler Perry’s Madea films have been quite popular over the years, and they often tackle themes related to family, relationships, and personal growth while providing plenty of laughs along the way. Madea has become an iconic character in American popular culture, and each new installment in the series is eagerly anticipated by fans.



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