Latest Updated Christine Nampeera Leaked Toilet Full Video


Ugandan social media influencer Christine Nampeera was filmed having sex with her boyfriend Bashara in a public toilet at Kenji’s Cocktail Bar, in Kampala.

In the video circulating on social media, Christine Nampeera and Bashara are seen making out in a public toilet while changing positions to satisfy their sexual desires.

At one point in the video, Bashara acknowledges the presence of the person recording their encounter, but he ignores the third party and continues his game with Christine, while the intruder behind the camera secretly captures the events.

People are wondering how exactly the person filming the two started, whether the intruder followed the couple to the restroom or whether the couple were actually allowed to record.


It remains unclear whether Christine Nampeera was also aware of a third party filming the sex romp, but her fans have expressed their greatest disappointment with her over the video.

According to iharare, the influencer now faces the risk of arrest under Uganda’s stringent measures. This law criminalizes the production and distribution of ‘such material’.


Until this report was released, Christine Nampeera and her boyfriend, Bashara, had not issued a public statement regarding this matter.

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