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Josh Hawley dubbed ‘disloyal’ for saying Mitch McConnell was not his ‘choice’ of leader in Laura Ingraham interview


NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham posted a video of interviewing Senator Josh Hawley, who voiced his concerns about Mitch McConnell’s effect on the “Republican chances” in 2024 on Saturday, September 9.


Hawley came live on ‘The Ingraham Angle’ and spoke about McConnell’s urge to support Ukraine.


When asked about his “move” by Ingraham, Hawley said, “My move is to say that the only nation building we ought to be doing, Laura, is building this nation. And I can’t believe that.”


He continued, “It’s so hard for the White House when asked about whether are we going to first support our citizens who are in the midst of a natural disaster and have all these needs, or first prioritize the citizens of some other country?”



He added, “They can’t just say America. Why is it so hard? Why is it the answer?”

Josh Hawley raises concerns about Mitch McConnell


Ingraham tweeted a short clip of her interview with Josh Hawley on X.

Her tweet read, “Sen. Josh Hawley: ‘I am Concerned’ that Mitch McConnell Will Affect Republican Chances in 2024. ‘I think we need a change’”.


In the video, Hawley says, “Oh yeah, of course, we’re going to start with Americans because this is the United States of America. They seem to forget who they’re serving, who they have been elected to serve.”


He continued, “Listen, this is not hard. We should be prioritizing Americans first. We should be rebuilding this nation and we should not be engaged in these wild nation-building endeavors overseas like Ukraine, like Afghanistan, like Iraq.”

He further stated, “These people have learned nothing.”

When Ingraham asked Hawley if he was “concerned” about McConnell staying a leader through the end of 2024, Hawley said, “Yeah, I am concerned. I get asked about it constantly. I understand why people are concerned about it.”


He added, “I’m concerned about it. Listen, Laura, I’ll be honest with you. I didn’t vote for Mitch McConnell as leader. He is not my choice to be a leader. And so I think we need to change.”


Internet calls Josh Hawley ‘disloyal’

After Ingraham’s tweet, people slammed Hawley for speaking against McConnell.

One person wrote, “Lol, it’s people like Josh Hawley that will hurt Republicans chances more than Mitch,” while another said, “I am concerned that people would actually listen to anything that Josh Hawley says.”

Lol, it’s people like Josh Hawley that will hurt republicans chances more than Mitch.

— Pat Bradley (@dwb2290) September 8, 2023


I am concerned that people would actually listen to anything that Josh Hawley says.

— Scott McClatchy (@scottmcclatchy) September 8, 2023

Another person commented, “Run away Josh speaks.”


A fan simply mocked Hawley adding, “The brave man, Hawley? The running man :).”

The brave man, Hawley? The running man 🙂

— Tarun Kotal (@TarunKotal5) September 9, 2023

Another tweeted, “Buffoonery. Ingratitude. Disloyalty=Hawley,” while another penned, “Hawley should resign. Agree?”


Buffoonery. Ingratitude. Disloyalty=Hawley

— Mark Loncar (@marklo75) September 8, 2023


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