Is Riah Nelson Pregnant? Who is Riah Nelson?

Is Riah Nelson Pregnant?

Yes, Riah Nelson is indeed pregnant. The exciting news of her pregnancy was officially announced by both Riah and her partner, Treyvon ‘Trey’ Brunson, known for their appearance on Season 2 of “The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On.” They shared the wonderful news on their Instagram accounts.

Riah, who is 25 years old, used her Instagram to reveal the pregnancy. She posted a heartwarming photo featuring a fuzzy baby onesie, tiny knit shoes, ultrasound images, and a sign indicating the due date as January 5, 2024. Alongside the photo, Riah wrote a heartfelt caption: “Next Chapter: Motherhood. These past 5 months have been so sweet and special. From hearing your heartbeat to little flutters and kicks. We cannot wait to meet you.”

Trey, who is going to be the father, also took to his Instagram to express his excitement and love for their soon-to-arrive child. He wrote, “EVERYBODY!!! Me and @jeriahnyree are ready to welcome our baby into the world. I fell in love with our little one as soon as I found out she was pregnant.” Trey also teased that a gender reveal is in the plans.

The couple received heartfelt congratulations from their “The Ultimatum” family, including host Vanessa Lachey, and their friends from the show, such as James Morris and Ryann McCracken. Trey and Riah’s pregnancy is a significant milestone in their relationship, which began during the show when Trey issued the ultimatum for Riah to marry him. Riah had initial hesitations due to never witnessing a “happy, healthy marriage” before.

However, the final episode of the show saw Trey proposing to Riah, and to everyone’s delight, she said yes. During the reunion, they confirmed that they are still engaged and have plans for a destination wedding in spring 2025. Despite the challenges they’ve faced, they remain positive about their relationship and eagerly anticipate the arrival of their first child in January 2024.




Who is Riah Nelson?

Riah Nelson, a prominent participant in the second season of “The Ultimatum,” brought her distinctive perspective and life experiences to the dating experiment. At 25 years old, Riah works as a managing server and harbors dreams of pursuing education while residing in the city, infusing the show with ambition and aspiration.

Originally from Charleston, South Carolina, Riah’s background includes working as a Hooters waitress, involvement with the MMG modeling agency, and venturing into NyLuxx Hair, specializing in custom ready-to-wear glueless wigs. Throughout the show, Riah grappled with the genuine struggle of balancing her desire for personal growth and her dreams with her evolving feelings for Trey.

Riah’s approach to the ultimatum was shaped by her lack of exposure to healthy marriages, which added a layer of hope and uncertainty to her journey. Her social media presence reflects her dedication to pursuing education at the University of South Carolina and her vibrant presence in Charleston. Riah’s story on “The Ultimatum” showcased the complexities of modern relationships and the pursuit of personal growth while navigating the challenges of love and commitment.



Riah Nelson Age

Riah Nelson’s age is 25 years old. She participated in the second season of “The Ultimatum,” where her age was revealed as part of her profile on the show. Riah, hailing from Charleston, South Carolina, brought her unique perspective and experiences to the dating experiment, infusing the show with her youthful energy and aspirations.

Throughout her journey on “The Ultimatum,” Riah grappled with personal growth and her dreams, all while navigating the complexities of love and commitment with her boyfriend, Treyvon “Trey” Brunson. Her age and background as a managing server, as well as her involvement with Hooters and the MMG modeling agency, added depth to her character on the show.

Riah’s story highlighted her ambition and determination to achieve her goals, making her a relatable and compelling participant in the series.

Riah Nelson Boyfriend

Riah Nelson’s boyfriend is Treyvon “Trey” Brunson, a prominent figure from the second season of “The Ultimatum.” Their relationship developed and unfolded throughout the show, where Trey’s unwavering commitment to building a lasting partnership with Riah became evident. Despite facing emotional challenges and unexpected connections with other participants, Trey’s genuine intentions to connect with Riah were clear.

Trey, a 29-year-old from Georgetown, South Carolina, who values family deeply, is an area manager at a paper mill. His perspective on life is grounded in his parents’ enduring 30-year marriage. Their journey on “The Ultimatum” culminated in Trey proposing to Riah, and she happily accepted. The reunion episode confirmed that they are still engaged and planning a destination wedding for spring 2025, despite some challenges in their relationship.

Trey and Riah’s story exemplifies the complexities of modern relationships and the pursuit of enduring love in the face of adversity, showcasing their dedication to each other beyond the boundaries of the show.


Riah Nelson Career

Riah Nelson’s career is multifaceted and showcases her determination and ambition. She initially worked as a Hooters waitress, which provided her with valuable work experience. Additionally, Riah has been affiliated with the MMG modeling agency, indicating her involvement in the modeling industry. Beyond these experiences, she ventured into the world of NyLuxx Hair, specializing in custom ready-to-wear glueless wigs.

Riah’s career aspirations extend further, as she expressed her dreams of pursuing education and living in the city during her time on “The Ultimatum.” Her desire for personal growth and her commitment to her goals added depth to her character on the show, making her journey relatable and compelling.

While her career journey was a prominent theme on the show, Riah’s career path and ambitions continue to evolve, as indicated by her pursuit of education at the University of South Carolina and her vibrant presence in Charleston. Riah’s multifaceted career reflects her determination to achieve her dreams and aspirations.

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