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Ellie Goulding ends ‘secret affair’ with Zac Goldsmith as she tries to save marriage with Caspar Jopling


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Ellie Goulding, who is married to art dealer husband Caspar Jopling, has ended her ‘secret affair.’ As per an insider, the ‘Love Me Like You Do’ singer was having marital issues for a while and kept her relationship with  rich politician Zac Goldsmith under carpets for the sake of her 2-year-old son, Arthur.


Though Ellie’s management had denied her relationship with Goldsmith, a source said, “They were categorically an item, it happened independently of matrimonial issues on both sides, and the romance is now categorically over.”

“Ellie and Zac have ended their relationship and have not maintained contact,” the source added.



Why did Ellie and Zac call it quits?

The source gave an insight into their brief affair, “The relationship had nothing to do with the breakdown of either marriage, but Ellie wants to fix her marriage for the sake of their son and Zac is fully concentrating on his environmental work.”

Zac Goldsmith, 48, is a wealthy politician from UK (Good Morning Britan/YouTube,
Zac Goldsmith, 48, is a wealthy politician from UK



They added, “They were an item, but it had been stalling. Caspar made an ultimatum after they were pictured together so they agreed to end all communications,” according to DailyMail.


Just last week, Goldsmith shared a bronze sculpture he had carved of Ellie, on social media. He captioned the post, “Subjects I love, mostly animal or human love… right now it’s just part of a larger sculpture that will be a tree of life’.”

According to a source, he would like to gift the artwork to Goulding once completed.


Who did Ellie Goulding date before her marriage?

Ellie Goulding previously dated Radio 1 DJ Greg James and musician Calvin Harris, before tying the knot with Jopling in August 2019.

Another source said earlier, “Things have been bad for at least six months now, both parties have been really trying to be happy together for the sake of their son but these things can only take so long before it is untenable.”

“Ellie’s team were insisting that she and Caspar were happy, that any suggestions of them being apart were totally untrue and now this. It has all been very mysterious indeed.”


The insider further said, “There had been suggestions of troubles and even a full on split for quite some time but they kept insisting everything was totally fine.”


On Ellie and Zac’s bonding months ago, a close friend said, “Ellie and Zac have a shared interest, saving the environment. They plainly know one another and talk away from their environmental work. They come from very different backgrounds but have struck up a friendship.”


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