Dave Portnoy throws cold water on Tucker interview with man who claims affair, drugs with Obama


Barstool Sports founder David Portnoy, who’s neither a traditional liberal nor conservative, doesn’t believe Larry Sinclair’s story about former President Barack Obama.

Sinclair, as previously reported, is a gay man who has claimed since 2008 that he and Obama had consumed cocaine and had sex back in 1999. This week, he opened up about this past event during an interview with Tucker Carlson.

Subsequently, Portnoy retweeted the interview onto his own Twitter/X feed and added a caption calling into question Sinclair’s story.

“I met Larry Sinclair when I was doing my Tucker thing a couple weeks ago. I would trust Anna Delvey before I trusted anything Larry Sinclair said. Top to bottom maybe the least trustworthy human I’ve ever laid eyes on. I’d say his story has O.0% of being true and that’s generous,” he wrote.



Why so much disbelief? Well, in fairness, Sinclair is a convicted con man. Politico reported in 2008 that he had a “long rap sheet” spanning 27 years and including many crimes “involving deceit.”

“The record includes forgery charges in two states, one of which drew Sinclair a 16-year jail sentence. The Pueblo County, Colo., Sheriff’s Office also has an outstanding warrant for Sinclair’s arrest for forging an acquaintance’s signature and stealing her tax refunds,” as reported at the time by Politico.

So why believe Sinclair at all given his track record? Because of a confirmed letter Obama definitely wrote to his ex-girlfriend Alex McNear in 1982 in which he admitted to fantasizing about having sex with men.

“In regard to homosexuality, I must say that I believe this is an attempt to remove oneself from the present, a refusal perhaps to perpetuate the endless farce of earthly life. You see, I make love to men daily, but in the imagination,” he reportedly wrote.

And so either Portnoy is unaware of the damning letter, or he thinks Sinclair’s past outweighs any possible credibility he may have.

Either way, his reflexive dismissal of Sinclair’s story prompted some criticism.


Note this one comment: “Dave also believes it’s your constitutional right to murder your baby, so…”

This was a reference to the “emergency” rant Portnoy delivered after the conservative-majority Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in 2022.

As noted earlier, Portnoy is neither a traditional liberal nor conservative, in that he straddles the line between the two, sometimes siding with the right, and at other times siding with the left.

Dovetailing back to Sinclair, he revealed during the Tucker Carlson interview this week that he met Obama “by accident.”

“I was in the Chicago area in 1999 for [his God son’s] graduation from the Naval Academy. … I had hired a limousine service, had made the driver aware that if [the God son] couldn’t leave the base — because once they graduate, some of them actually get their assignments, and they’re shipping out and they can’t leave the base — that I was still interested in going out,” he said.

“And I had asked the driver if he knew anybody that was available that might want to show me Chicago. And he said he did. … And he picked me up at my hotel in [inaudible], drove to Chicago, pulled up to a bar outside. And there’s this guy outside that’s introduced to me as Barack Obama. … The driver said he was a friend,” he added.

He proceeded to describe how the two went inside the bar, got some drinks, and then ultimately decided to leave and go buy some cocaine.

“We’re having drinks. I mention the fact that I could use something to wake up. I was extremely exhausted. … He [Obama] immediately knew what I was referring to. I had made it clear that I was looking for coke, and he had made the suggestion that he knew where we could get it, And we left to go get it,” he said.

“We get back in the limo, the driver takes us wherever it is Barack had instructed him to take us. I had given Barack $250 to pay for coke.  He gets out, comes back. I start putting a line on a CD tray to snort in the limo. … and I just happen to notice that he just pulls something else out of his pocket, and the next thing I know he’s got a little pipe and he’s smoking,” he continued.

It’s at this point that the alleged sex began to occur.

“As I’m doing a line, I just started rubbing my hand along his thigh just to see where it was going, and it went the direction I had intended it to go. So the night became somewhat active sexually and drug-wise in the limo,” Sinclair explained.

He added that it was pretty obvious Obama was into it.

“I’ve had guys that I read wrong that would literally try to break your hand if you went in that route. So it’s not like this was something he wasn’t into. It wasn’t something he was shocked by,” he said.

“[If you’re] shocked by [it], you don’t get excited, you don’t unbutton your hands, and you don’t sit there and let it happen. It definitely wasn’t Barack’s first time. That much I’m absolutely certain of. And I would almost be willing to bet it wasn’t his last,” he added.


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