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Carlee Russell’s confused ex: Thomar Latrell Simmons still puzzled over ex-girlfriend’s abduction hoax


HOOVER, ALABAMA: Carlee Russell’s ex-boyfriend recently claimed he is still struggling to understand why she willingly disappeared. The Hover native is currently facing criminal charges after faking her own abduction.

Thomar Latrell Simmons appeared on the podcast ‘205 Boyz’ last week and spoke about the perplexing case that unfolded when Russell mysteriously went missing after calling 911 to report she found a toddler on the side of a busy Alabama highway.

During the podcast, Simmons admitted that his life has completely changed since Russell’s admitted hoax.

(Thomar Latrell Simmons/Facebook)
Thomar Latrell Simmons says his life has turned upside down since the hoax


“[I’m] trying to get back to my normal life, but it’s never going to be normal for me,” Simmons said, adding, “I can’t even go around Birmingham without people knowing who I am. It’s crazy, bro.”


When was Carlee Russell reported missing?

Russell, 26, was reported missing on June 13 after she called police in Hoover, Alabama, to report that she saw a child walking on Interstate 459.

Upon their arrival at the scene, the officers found Russell’s red Mercedes Benz parked along the interstate with no sign of her. They also discovered her cell phone and wig inside the vehicle.



Carlee Russell was fired from her job (Carlee Russell)
Carlee Russell acknowledged that she faked her own kidnapping

The officials desperately searched for Russell until June 16 when she reappeared at her parents’ house, claiming that she was abducted forcefully.

However, police raised questions about Russell’s claims and after a lengthy investigation, she admitted that the whole abduction story was a hoax.

The nursing student was then charged with one count of false reporting to law enforcement and one count of falsely reporting an incident.

Carlee Russell, 25, was reported missing on Thursday night, July 13 (HooverPD/Twitter)
Carlee Russell, 25, was reported missing on Thursday night, July 13


Thomar Latrell Simmons reacts to Carlee Russell’s abduction hoax

Reflecting on the incident, Simmons said he believes nothing happened between the pair that would lead Russell to carry out the fake kidnapping.

The 25-year-old also noted that he didn’t notice a change in her behavior before she willingly went missing.

“I mean we had a little argument but it wasn’t nothing to kidnap yourself over,” he said with a chuckle on the podcast.

According to Simmons, just two weeks before the fake kidnapping, they took a trip to New York City where they had a good time.

“We were having fun. We were going and taking tours to the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge,” he said on the podcast, which was released on YouTube on September 1.

“I’m confused, like what happened?” he said at one point, adding, “What made you do this? I don’t understand.”

Simmons added that he was left shocked after Russell insisted she could have told him the truth before public officials revealed it. “I was mad,” he said, noting he is still trying to cope and heal. “I was sad. I was in all types of emotions.”


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