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Behind Your Touch Episode 10 Preview: When, Where and How to Watch!


Behind Your Touch Episode 10 Preview: The new South Korean thriller rom-com Behind Your Touch (힙하게) directed by Kim Suk-Yoon and written by Lee Nam-Kyu, stars prominent actors like Han Ji-min, Lee Min-ki, EXO’s Suho, Joo Min-kyung, Yang Jae-seong, Park Sung-yeon and others. The series is produced by JTBC, Tving and Netflix.

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The series follows the lives of a kind Veterinarian and a grumpy Detective. Bong Ye-boon (Han Ji-min) is a veterinarian who has psychic abilities. She can see the past of any person or animal when she touches their rear end. On the go, she meets Detective Moon Jang-yeol (Lee Min-ki) and gets intertwined in cases. Jang-yeol is demoted to the rural village Mujin due to being a terrific hothead back in Seoul. To return back to the city, he seeks Ye-boon and starts uncovering various cases. However, their fate changes when Kim Sun-woo (Suho) arrives at Mujin and works at a grocery store. Though he seems kind and polite, he has deadly mysteries behind him.

Han Ji-min was last seen in Our Blues (2022), Lee Min-ki’s previous hit was My Liberation Notes (2022), Suho’s last venture was Besties in Wonderland (2022) and Suho Hurdle (Since 2022).

Behind Your Touch Episode 10 Preview

Behind Your Touch Plot

Netflix describes the series as: “A psychic vet and a detective join forces to crack small-town cases — but their skills are tested when they unravel a chilling serial killer mystery.” Both Moon Jang-yeol and Bong Ye-boon will have to encounter a deadly crime case and unravel the truth while being unaware of the serial killer who is right next to them.


Behind Your Touch Cast

Directed by Kim Suk-yoon, the series stars Han Ji-min as Bong Ye-boon, Lee Min-ki as Moon Jang-yeol, EXO’s Suho as Kim Sun-woo, Joo Min-kyung as Bae Ok-hee, Yang Jae-seong as Jung Ui-hwan, Park Sung-yeon as Jung Hyun-ok, Kim Hee-won as Won Jong-mook, Jung Yi-rang as Na Mi-ran, Jo Min-kook as Bae Deok-hee, Lee Seung-joon as Cha Joo-man, Park Hyuk-kwon as Park Jong-bae, Park No-shik as Jeon Gwang-sik, and others.


Behind Your Touch Episode List

The rom-com thriller drama series is expected to have 16 episodes in total.

Where to Watch Behind Your Touch

The series takes over the JTBC Saturday and Sunday 22:30 time slot of King the Land. It will be available to watch on Netflix and JTBC TV.

Behind Your Touch Episode 10 Preview Still 2
A still from the series “Behind Your Touch”

Behind Your Touch Episode 10 Indian Release Date and Time

The Korean TV series episodes will air from August 12, 2023, each with a runtime of 1 hour. Episode 10 of the series will air on September 10 on Netflix at 8:30 p.m.

Behind Your Touch Episode 10 Prediction

Of course, Ye-boon won’t be attacked by Sun-woo as he is not the killer. Jang-yeol will rush to the workshop and drag Ye-boon out. He will warn her to not trust anyone around her. Sun-woo will understand that Jang-yeol is suspicious of him and they both will have a conversation on it. Jang-yeol will ask the people like Ok-hee, Gwang-sik, and such to spy on Sun-woo as he is their main lead.

Meanwhile, Ye-boon will blindly trust Sun-woo and won’t suspect him. More cases will come forth shocking the police station. Additionally, Jang-mook will discover something odd in the case file given by Ye-boon’s grandfather. He will start figuring out that Mr. Cha has an evil side. Sun-woo’s backstory will start to develop and something he has with Mr. Cha will slowly be shown.

Behind Your Touch Episode 9 Recap

Ye-boon tells Ji-suk that Ae-ran is safe as she thinks the former is concerned about her friend. However, later Ye-boon learns that Ji-suk has told the coffee shop owner lady about Ae-ran and that they’ve dragged her back to the shop. When Ye-boon confronts Ji-suk she understands that Ji-suk had no choice but to tell about Ae-ran as the coffee shop lady will make Ji-suk pay for Ae-ran’s debt as well.

When Ye-boon meets Sun-woo at a nearby restaurant, they speak about people and trust. When Ye-boon almost reveals her powers, Sun-woo stops her and asks her to not trust him. She once again gets drunk and falls on the table but thankfully Sun-woo places his palm on her forehead. Ye-boon then gets a vision where she sees Ji-suk lying dead in the place where Ye-boon’s mother was.

Ye-boon wakes up and rushes to see Ji-suk while Sun-woo takes Ye-boon’s phone and senses something. Ji-suk and Ye-boon go for a delivery to an isolated field. Over there, Ji-suk tricks Ye-boon and leaves her alone. On her way back, Ye-boon finds Ji-suk’s bike on the ground. She then searches for her and looks at the serial killer stabbing Ji-suk. She saves Ji-suk and they both run and hide. Since the killer covered his face, Ye-boon finds it hard to identify him.

Then Ye-boon asks Ji-suk to stay safe until she finds help. Back in Mujin, she runs to Jang-yeol and they both come back to the spot only to see Ji-suk stabbed to death. Jang-yeol tells Ye-boon that the serial killer might be a psychic and that he would have read her memory to find Ji-suk and kill her.

Then Ye-boon tells Jang-yeol the names of all those she came across after seeing Ji-suk. The next day, Jang-yeol clears Ae-ran’s debt and joins her with Gwang-sik. He then makes Gwang-sik work on the case and start it by reading Ye-boon’s memory. After reading it, Gwang-sik describes the psychic’s height and width.

That night, Jang-yeol and Gwang-sik find Sun-woo matching the descriptions. Jang-yeol also learns that on the day of the elections/killing, Sun-woo was out and not working. Jang-yeol instantly calls Ye-boon to let her know about that but she lies to him about her whereabouts as she is with Sun-woo at his workshop. The episode ends with Sun-woo picking up a knife and coming closer to Ye-boon.

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